November 11th 2006

The Ferknerkle fundraiser on November 4th was a huge success enabling us to put some money into our next productions. Thanks to everyone who took part and/or donated.

'A Delicate Egg' rehearsals are well underway. Zoe Carides, Stephanie Marsden and Mal are all looking great and opening night is coming soon on December 6th. The show only runs for four nights so, get your bookings ready. Call 8356 9987

A big update is we now have a Ferknerkle Logo.You can see it at the top of the page and, in fact, on every page, including a nice big version on our new entry page. The logo is based on an original design by Timothy Mitchell and then tweaked, turned, coloured and made glorious by Cressida Kreher. We've even made fridge magnets with them on it. Which you can get for just $2 at any Ferknerkle performance or by just asking

Ferknerkle will be doing a play in the 2007 Short and Sweet season. It'll be written by Iain Triffitt and Brett, directed by Brett and feature a range of Ferksters still being compiled. More soon.

September 10th

A few things here.

1. We should be starting rehearsals soon for 'A Delicate Egg' with a cast of Zoe Carides, Mal and Stephanie Marsden. This will go on in the first week of December at the Darlinghurst Theatre.

2. November 4th we will be holding a fund-raising comedy trivia impro night at Gladesville RSL to help fund 'Delicate Egg' and other future projects.

3. Brett's 2005 Short & Sweet play 'Relics (co-written with Iain Triffitt) has been selected for the 2006 Melbourne Short & Sweet festival in December.

4. We'll be finally commencing on another Short Film - 'Love Your Work'. Written by Mal and featuring most of the current Ferksters.

5. We're getting ready for our 2007 Short & Sweet entry

6. We're also preparing a new production of 'Sniper' for early 2007 at the Newtown Theatre.

Is that enough for you?

August 10th

As you'll notice from our main page we're putting on our first play since 2003 (not counting our three years of Short & Sweet plays). It'll be a restaging of one of our earliest plays, 'A Delicate Egg' written by Mal. We're on at the Darlinghurst Theatre in the first week of December. More details (including a complete cast) when we get closer.

And then, there was the highly successful first installment of FBi's 2006 Live Radio Plays performed at the Studio at the Sydney Opera House and directed by Brett and featuring Mal and Jakki. You can go here to download or listen to the podcast (we're Episode 1).

Mal continues to do terrific things with the Darlinghurst Acting Classes productions, staging 'Aftershocks' last month and two more coming in October 4th, 5th and 6th.

And more still to come.

June 3rd

I know. I know. Updates are getting farther and farther apart (Or is that further and further?. Or is further farther?).

So. What's been happening? Pip was in 'Atlanta' at the Tap Gallery. Brett's 2005 Short and Sweet play 'Relics' is being restaged at the Opera House and then going to Singapore as part of 'Shorter and Sweeter' (the best of Short and Sweet) then he's directing 'Attack of the Robotic Russell Crowes' - Part 1 of 'Sydney Plantagenetís Psychedelic Quest', FBi's 2006 Live Radio Plays (also at the Opera House).

What else? We're about to start on our 2006 films and there could be a new Ferknerkle play.

Keep watching.

March 10th

Two months without an update? That's inexcusable.

Unless we'd been busy with putting on a pile of plays for Short and Sweet including the Ferknerkle play 'Remember This' by Brett and Iain Triffitt, directed by Mal with Pip, Liv, Rick Cosnett, Buddy Dannoun and Gina Pollock.


Liv and Rick and Pip                                                     Gina and Rick and Buddy

As well as the non-Ferk plays 'Faithless' written by Brett and Iain, 'William and Oscar' directed by Mal and 'Russell' also directed by Mal.

But maybe that's not a good enough excuse for not updating. Well, what if the reason was Mal and Brett being involved in 'Party Political', a satirical comedy that's on now at Newtown Theatre wehere Mal has written and directed a Kim Beazley monologue and Brett has co-written with Iain and directed a Clover Moore monologue.


Kerry Casey as Beazley                                        Sheree da Costa as Clover

And if that's still not enough, then you'll just have to wait until the next update.

January 2nd 2006

I suppose some sort of New Year greeting would be in order? Naah!

We're getting ready for our 2006 program which will include more films and plays.

First up will probably be our contribution to Short and Sweet  which is a play called 'Remember This' by Brett and Iain Triffitt, directed by Mal. We're still sorting out or cast.

We had a fun end of year party and photos will be appearing soon on the photo page but until then here's a couple of samples


Here's some of the Ferknerkle boys relaxing                       And here's Brett trying to see how much of Liv

(or maybe getting ready to pick a fight)                                                   he can get with one bite.             

So, that's the beginning of the year. What next?

November 19th

The site now has it's official/permanent address of www.ferknerkle.com and if you were typing that all along well that's because our sneaky redirect was working (he he sneaky)

The site design is still the same but there's now a new page - photos!!

Yes there's lots of photos from our films available for your viewing pleasure right here

Mal's production of Nothing Like Old Times starts at the Darlinghurst Theatre on 14th December for 2 weeks

And then there's still December to come.

November 5th

This was almost going to be the October update until I got too lazy busy. It was going to go like this;

"Another month, another film. 'Whatever It Takes' has finished shooting with Liv and Chris G. It was written, once again, by Mal and co-directed by Mal and Brett. QW had the usual crew of Chris P on camera, Jon on sound and a couple of Ferksters helping out. And, for the first time,  we had a make-up artist - thanks Karleigh.

Not much more for this year planned."

But that was October. Now that it's November (all five days of it) I've still got to announce things like

So, there you are. October and a bit of November. Next update will include more photos (from 'Whatever It Takes' and, if the update is really late, the Christmas party.

September 24th

Therapy has finished shooting and here's a few photos


Chris P filming while Mal directs while Chris W and Tatum do the acting             Tatum prepares for the special Director's cut

Producer Liv listens closely to Director Mal's words of wisdom

We've (that is, Mal and Jon) completed a first cut of 'Stay Awhile'

We're getting ready to start shooting 'Whatever It Takes' with another of Mal's scripts.

September 4th

We've been a bit remiss in keeping everyone up to date with some of the good news in the world of Ferk (and when I saw "we" I mean "you")

Three things in particular have been missed out

1. 11th March, Di Milic gave birth to a Junior Ferkster - Jessica

2. 26th August, founding Ferster Paige Rodgers had her 2nd mini-Ferk - Billie Jacqueline

3. Another founding Ferkster, Jean Dixon is expecting her own bundle of Ferk around December (if my calculations are correct and they probably aren't)

And we never did mention Ferkster Oriana's latest Ferk addition, Monty.

So, that's just proof that the Ferkster's do lead normal lives (or at least those four do). Maybe next we'll have a page for baby photos (Is'n dey coot??).

September 2nd

Tim Mitchell died on August 20th at 6.30 am. Check out Mal's eulogy for details.

Another sad day in Ferkworld. We're missing you Tim

August 20th

Another month and what have we been doing?

'Sit On My Facets' radio play co-written by Brett? Done/ Successful.

'A Man with 5 Children' play directed by Mal? Done. Successful.

Filming of 'Therapy' written and directed by Mal with Tatum Pearson, Chris Weekes, Matthew Charleston, Chris Galletti and a host of others (all available on the film page) is underway.

As you can see, Chris P is doing his patented filming up someone's leg again.

On the down side, Ferkster Tim Mitchell has been in hospital and, at this stage, things are looking worse and worse. Ferksters are being updated but we're all thinking of him.

June 20th

Gearing up again.

We've got a few things coming along Ferk and non-Ferk.

Ferk - editing continues on the short films and we'll be starting the next one ('Therapy' by Mal) next month. Which reminds me, I'd better get one written. But I have been writing what will probably be our Short and Sweet 2006 entry with Iain. We were hoping to do something dark but a comedy has emerged. Who will be in it? Only time will tell. But we're still working on a drama so, who know?

Non Ferk - Iain and I have another radio play on (which is plastered all over the main page) called 'Sit On My Facets'. Yes folks - it's a comedy. Casting is still being decided. Will Ferk's be involved? Stay tuned.

Non Ferk 2 - Mal is directing 'A Man with 5 Children' by Nick Enright for Darlo Drama which is on at Darlinghurst Theatre from 5th to 9th July.

And to round it off here's a couple of photos from the shooting of 'Stay Awhile'. One of our Autistic Dictator Malcolm Frawley hard at work (with DOP Chris P doing his best to ignore him) and the other of the lovely Danielle and the lovely Aaron also hard at work.

May 15th

Sad news in the world of Ferk. Our friend Michael Carson has passed away. Michael was a terrific director ('Corridors of Power', 'Seachange', 'Police Rescue', 'Lost World', 'Phoenix', 'Janus') and was always a great supporter of ours to the point where he made his acting debut for us. We'll miss you Michael.

May 1st

We're back in production with another film - 'Stay Awhile'. It's written and directed by Mal and other ferksters (Liv, Tim, me) are helping out behind the scenes. None of the usual faces appear in this one (we were all either too old or too young for the parts - thanks Mal) but we've got a great cast anyway with Jo Briant, Albert Goldingay, Danielle Rowan & Aaron Noakes. More info and piccies coming along in the near (hopefully) future.

In other Ferknerkle news we're hoping to put on at least one play this year and this is no doubt where we'll be selling our DVD of short films. Stay tuned for other news.

Also, I've added a link on the front page to my weblog (just follow the pic of Daffy). This will no doubt be updated more regularly than this page as it contains things that aren't just Ferknerkle related.

More soon

February 15th

As promised, here's some photos from our Short & Sweet seasons. Here's Justine Nangle from 'A Single Selfish Act' written & directed by Malcolm Frawley.

This one is from the non-Ferknerkle play written by Iain Triffitt and yours truly, 'Relics' with Christine Greenough, Adrian Jarrett & Nick Osborne.

This had a fantastic production directed by Alex Galleazzi, designed by Anthony Babicci, with sound design by Panos Couros and death consultation by Velalien (what? you think those two guys worked out how to lay dying on their own?). 


And the hits keep coming. The Ferknerkle entries in Short and Sweet 2005 well and truly got underway beginning with a highly successful moved reading of Crossed Lines by Brett & Iain Triffitt featuring Olivia, Mal and Jacqui. Followed 2 days later by the premiere of the short play 'It's Not You', again by Brett & Iain and featuring Paige, Jean, Pip, Tim, Tiffany Curlew and Darren Hawkins. Night after night we got huge audience reactions (with Pip fending of possible danger from the audience) culminating in us being voted second by the judges in that week at Newtown Theatre @ The Edge. (Who's have thought we would have been voted that weel after the nasty trick we played on the audience. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, you've missed out on a great experience)

Mal's play 'A Single Selfish Act' with Justine is still to come so, you haven't missed everything.

And let's not forget the great showing for Brett & Iain's drama 'Relics' directed by Alex Galleazzi and featuring Christine Greenough, Adrian Jarrett & Nick Osborne. We got a great write-up in the Sydney Morning Herald (including a photo) and were voted 3rd by the judges for that week at the Seymour Centre.

Lots more to come. Including photos soon.

January 20th

Big news in the world of Ferk. We've got our plays coming up starting in about two days, natch. You know that. It's all over the front page. But the big news is Ferkster Christopher Weekes has begun shooting his first feature film.

The film is called 'Bitter and Twisted' and is written and directed by hris, who also stars alongside Noni Hazlehurst, Leanna Walsman, Gary Sweet, Matt Newton, Rhys Muldoon, Penne Hackforth-Jones and our own Malcolm Frawley (who also acted as script editor). The shoot started on the 17th and it all looks great for Chris. Watch these pages for updates.

Speaking of Mal (and we were) he is also script editing a screenplay called 'First Lady by internationally acclaimed author Alan Gold.

2005. The year of the Ferk.

January 2005

New Year? But I was just getting used to the old year. 2005 starts with three Ferknerkle plays in Short and Sweet which you can read all about on the front page.

But let's do a run-down of Ferknerkle productions for 2004

January - 'Previously On' a short play written and directed by  Malcolm Frawley for the 2004 Short & Sweet Festival and starring Tom Brazel, Brett Danalake, Jacqueline Delmege, Jean Dixon, Phillippa Iemma, Ken James, Justine Nangle & Christopher Weekes.

September - 'See of Love' a short film written and directed by Malcolm Frawley starring Christopher Weekes, Olivia Solomons, Ryan Haywood, Justine Nangle, Phillippa Iemma, Kim Blumenthal & Loren Espulso

November - 'No Accounting' a short film written by Brett Danalake, directed by Jon Cohen and starring Olivia Solomons, Brett Danalake, Phillips Iemma, Justine Nangle and Ken James.

December - 'Poppy' a short film written and directed by Ken James and starring Chris Galletti, Paige Rodgers, Casandra Kottaras, Malcolm Frawley, Jean Dixon and Phillippa Iemma

And let's not forget the Ferknerkle-related radio play 'With This Ring I Thee Dead' written by Iain Triffitt and Brett Danalake, directed by Laura Milke, performed at the Sydney Opera House and broadcast live on FBi Radio starring Emma Tom, Darren Weller and Ferksters Ryan Haywood and Christopher Weekes.

And they're just the things I know about.

2005 Here we come.


Another month, another film. We had a couple of re-shoots to do on 'No Accounting' (tape trouble) but now that film is at rough cut status. And, straight back into action, we have finished filming 'Poppy' written and directed by Ken James and starring Chris Galletti, Paige Rodgers, Casandra Kottaras, Malcolm Frawley, Jean Dixon & Phillippa Iemma. Photos etc to come soon (once I work out how to download them from the camera - technology. My friend.)

Coming in the new year are, as mentioned on the main page, four new Ferknerkle-related plays which are being included in the 2005 Short & Sweet short play festival. All plays had to be under 10 minutes and as you see, we had no trouble keeping to that criteria. See the main page for more details and booking details

One of the by products of Short & Sweet this year will be some coverage of the play 'Relics' in what could prove to be an ABC documentary on Short & Sweet (or rather some of the directors of Short & Sweet). Iain & I have already been filmed trying to sound intelligent (I sat back and let Iain handle that).

That seems to be it. The Ferknerkle Christmas party is on the 19th (tomorrow) so, have a good Chrissy and New Year if you're that way inclined. If not, well, good on ya.


We've now got another film under the collective Ferknerkle belt. This one is 'No Accounting' written by Brett Danalake, directed by Jon Cohen and starring Olivia Solomons, Brett Danalake, Phillippa Iemma, Ken James and Justine Nangle. The entire film was shot in day (and I've got the sunburned head to prove it) and now the long part - editing - begins.

More photos on the Films page.

We're also gearing up for Short and Sweet. The plays we're presenting this year are 'It's Not You' written by Brett Danalake (with help by Iain Triffitt), 'Relics' by Iain Triffitt (with help by Brett Danalake) and 'A Single Selfish Act' by Malcolm Frawley (with help by Malcolm Frawley). Casting is nearly complete (details to follow) and then we begin the rehearsal process. First plays will begin the week of January 26th 2005 at the Seymour Centre.


What happened to September? There's a question for the ages. In years to come people will still be pondering this. However, if the question was "What happened IN September?" that would be very different.

What happened IN September, then?

Well, first of all we did all the principal photography for one of the short films I've been talking about since April. Don't go and check. Just take my word for it.

The film was 'See of Love' written and directed by Ferknerkle FL Malcolm Frawley and starring Christopher Weekes and Olivia Solomons along with other Ferksters (listed and unlisted in our bios page) Justine Nangle, Phillippa Iemma, Kim Blumenthal, Loren Espulso and Ryan Haywood. It was a two day shoot (well two days, one evening and then an afternoon later on) with the highpoint being Olivia's curios neighbour who kept going to a different window of her house to peer out at the shoot.

More films to follow.

The other September news was the performance and broadcast of 'With This Ring I Thee DEAD!'. Performed at the Sydney Opera House. Broadcast on FBi Radio 94.5. This, as you'd know if you'd been following my updates (don't look now. It's too late) is the radio play I co-wrote with Iain Triffitt. It was produced and directed by the fabulous Laura Milke all the way from Melbourne (that is, Laura is all the way from Melbourne. Not that she produced and directed it all the way from Melbourne. What, do you think she did it via mobile phone? Hmmm. Not a bad idea.) and starred our very own Ferkster Christopher Weekes, our very own back-up Ferkster Ryan Haywood and non-Ferksters but still our very own Darren Weller and Emma Tom. Sound effects were done by Brett Maverix and Allen Harroothunian and there was a great audience warm-up by Jess Keeley.

The performance and the reactions from the live audience were great. All in all, a wonderfully satisfying experience and one which I hope to do again (watch this space - well, obviously not THIS space but somewhere on this page).

Short and Sweet is looming soon and it looks like we Ferksters will be involved with only one play now (or will we???). The play looks like being one co-written by myself and Iain Triffitt.

So, September, we will think fondly of ye.


Casting is nearly finalised on With This Ring I Thee Dead and I've even added a flyer to the front page (but you saw that already right?). It looks like there will be a Ferkster involved in the play. More news as it's confirmed,

I've changed the email address so that Ferknerkle mail won't get mixed up with Danalake mail. I've also placed a couple of handy little bits of info on the new Contact page which will probably end up evolving into a FAQ page.

Short and Sweet 2005 plays are progressing. Still being written but I can tell you this, there's be one small cast play and one large cast play and that guarantees Ferksters galore.

More news soon. Promise


Oops. Missed June completely. But it's only the beginning of July. Give me a break. I don't see you updating the page.

Anyways, There are a few things coming up. First of all is the radio play I told you about in May. That's on September 12th at the Sydney Opera House Studio try this link http://www.sydneyoperahouse.com/sections/whats_on/the_studio/ then in the search type in Radio Play. There I am listed for the play 'With This Ring, I Thee Dead' co-written with Iain Triffitt. Stay tune for cast info and hopefully some of them will be familiar faces (or voices as the case may be).

Then there's Short and Sweet 2005. We'll be doing two plays (which are being written as we speak. Well, not actually AS we speak because at the moment I'm busy updating this page but certainly after that I'll be writing it. Not directly after it but some time in the forseeable future. If my crystal ball is anything to go by).


A few delays in the making of films but we're hoping to get going soon. Very soon. We have three films ready to start - 'Love Your Work', 'See of Love' and 'No Accounting'. There's also another possible film untitled at the moment.

Plays are on hold while we try to find a reasonably priced venue that suits our needs.

Short and Sweet 2005 is starting to be organised and Ferknerkle will definitely be a presence again.

In personal news, a radio play I've written with Iain Triffitt has been selected to be performed and broadcast on FBi radio (94.5 FM) sometime in September. The play is called 'With This Ring, I Thee DEAD!!' 

April 4

It won't be long now. Ferknerkle are about to begin production on our short films. We have nearly eight scripts written so we're just finalising directors, casts and a shooting schedule and then we'll be underway.

The ultimate plan is that the films will be placed onto a DVD and the DVD sold at further plays (yes there will be further plays. probably around June/July). We may also screen the films publicly in what could be our first Ferkfest.

Watch this space.

January 24
We've now finished our contribution to Short & Sweet and it couldn't have gone better. We received lots of compliments and laughs (not at the same time) from audiences and other participants. It was a great experience and a terrific festival with some wonderful plays every week (It's up to Week 3 so far with two to go)

I've added a few photos various places around the site (including individual photos for most Ferksters) and even here we've got a few photos from our season at the Cat & Fiddle last year.

I'll post more photos as they happen and even add some stuff to the films page. And watch out for news of our next production.

January 2004
Well, our December production at Balmain was highly successful. Our most successful ever? Only the people counting the money can answer that. But it was successful enough for us to be looking at doing some more productions at the same venue. Stay tuned for details (though we won't be getting back to the one show every six weeks treadmill we were on at Glebe. It was fun and all but that's a heck of a lot of writing and not much life for those of us involved in every production - Hi Mal). I'll put some photos from the shows up on the site soon.

Our first production for 2004 is part of the Short and Sweet short play festival at Newtown. It's a festival of ten minute plays (11 each night with a new line-up every week). Our contribution is on from the 14th to 18th of January and is a little piece written and directed by Malcolm Frawley called 'Previously On' and features seven, count them, seven Ferknerkle members. Come one, come all.

Christmas and New Year have been and gone. Fireworks, woo hoo. They should invent a new firework every year. Otherwise it's really just the same as last year but longer.

I finally got back to seeing some movies now the show has finished. 'Master and Commander' - wonderful. It's plot is pretty slim but it's a great piece of cinematic storytelling. This is the type of film that should win special effects Oscars because they're terrific but you don't notice they're special effects. Of course the special effects Oscar will no doubt go to the next film I saw, 'Lord of the Rings: Return of the King' - which is an amazing conclusion to what has to be the most spectacular movie trilogy of the last twenty years or so. You only begin to feel that it's a long movie in the last twenty minutes because that's all about tying up the loose ends. I also saw 'Looney Tunes: Back In Action'. Hey, I'm a Daffy fan. So, sue me. Even though it's not a laugh out loud film, you come out of it feeling you've enjoyed yourself. And, as always, Joe Dante has filled it with movie in jokes for geeks like me (the area 52 scene).

In other news, I got the CD from Marc DeMatteis (thanks JM). It's mainly songs in praise of Meher Baba (who I was already familiar with thanks to Pete Townshend) and has a very Beatles/Who sound without ever making me scream "Rip off!". On first listening I started with a "Uh-huh. First album. Trying to be too important" feel that quickly went to "Not bad" to "I like this" to "This is really good". Maybe I should listen to it again.

That's it so far. Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year and keep watching this space for further updates to the Ferknerkle world (and mine).

1 December
So, Here we are in December and we're two days away from opening night of my plays

Speaking of Nothing
with Christopher Weekes, Justine Nangle & Jacqueline Delmege
King of the Castle
with Olivia Solomons, Oriana Panozzo and Malcolm Frawley

Dress rehearsal is tomorrow night so, if you haven't booked yet - do. If this production goes well Ferknerkle will be putting more plays on next year at the Cat and Fiddle (unless they tear it down and make it into apartments like our last regular venue)

At the moment my flat looks like burglars have been through it because almost every stick of furniture is being used in the plays. So, don't bother visiting me at the moment, you'd have nowhere to sit.

With any luck there'll be a post-show update before Christmas.

In other news, because I've been busy rehearsing I haven't seen a movie since the horrible, terrible, appalling, not too bad 'Tomb Raider 2'. But, today I've got a day off and might get to see a movie. What's on that I'm interested in seeing? Gee, not much. 'Mystic River', 'Seabiscuit', 'Intolerable Cruelty', 'Runaway Jury'. Hmmm. I've got a buy one get one free ticket to 'Runaway Jury' and my sister is visiting me at the moment. Maybe that's the way to go. Yeah. The cheapskate road.

Oh, and there is some other news. I got an email from J M DeMatteis. And if you have to ask "who?" then you clearly haven't been delving into this site enough. To give you a clue why don't you start here. J M DeMatteis is one of my favourite comic book writers and on the secret page about me there's a link to a page I've set up about him (because I was looking for a list of his comics and couldn't find one so, thought I might as well create one so when I go searching the net for one again I'll find it). Anyway, he found the page and has offered to send me a copy of his CD. Ain't that nice? Thanks.

So, more news in around two weeks. I promise.

9 November
Okay. Updates every two months. Or whenever it takes my fancy.

Rehearsals are now well underway for our productions -

Speaking of Nothing
with Christopher Weekes, Justine Nangle & Jacqueline Delmege
King of the Castle
with Olivia Solomons, Oriana Panozzo and Malcolm Frawley

So, actors are learning lines, directions are being given, script changes are being made. All to make this a great return for Ferknerkle. For new visitors or those too lazy to scroll down a little, the plays will be on from the 3rd to 7th and 10th to 13th of December at the Cat and Fiddle at Balmain.

If you want to send an email to zooty@ihug.com.au you can receive a personal notice when tickets go on sale.

Other items over the last month or so - I saw 'Tomb Raider 2'. I think this film is just as good as the first Lara Croft movie. And that's not saying much. The high point was Lara punching the shark. Although, to give the film it's due it's not as awful as 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'. What a mess that was. And the thing is, I saw them both on the same day. Haven't I been having a great time?

I'm now halfway through 'Bagombo Snuff Box' by Kurt Vonnegut. After reading this I will have read everything by this fabulous writer. My favourites? 'Cat's Cradle', 'Bluebeard' and, of course, 'Slaughterhouse 5'.

Also, I've been getting more and more puzzled/annoyed reading the works of journalists who clearly have no idea what they are talking about. Particularly in Entertainment journalists. Some choice quotes from the last week or so was someone referring to 'Scary Movie 3' as a "thriller" (?!?!?) and a review of the director's cut of 'Alien' in which they stated how the pacing of the film was what makes it great. By taking their time to built the suspense. That this was something that modern movies have lost. I was with him up till there. Then he went on to use 'The Hulk' as an example and then said that the big problem with that film was that it took so long for things to happen. So, let me try and work out this argument. We need to pace films slower but not in films where everything should happen straight away.

I might post links to some of these gems in the future. Keep watching.

And don't forget to come to the plays. Book now!!!

28 September
So my "what's new"s are stretching towards monthly after only three goes. Or maybe they were planned as bi-monthly all along.

First - our new production is slated for the first two weeks of December at Balmain's Cat & Fiddle pub. Shows will be Wednesday to Sunday nights. Times to be confirmed soon. And what plays are we doing? Two plays written and directed by me, Brett Danalake.

Speaking of Nothing
with Christopher Weekes, Justine Nangle & Jacqueline Delmege
King of the Castle
with Olivia Solomons, Oriana Panozzo and Malcolm Frawley

Both are return seasons ('Speaking of Nothing' being a substantial rewrite and expansion of 'Before the Show'). So, it's great to back and we'll expect all of the Ferk followers to turn up in December. Mention my name when you buy your tickets and you'll get a free "thank you".

In other news, the most recent film I've seen is 'Finding Nemo'. Any film that decides to use the talents of Albert Brooks, Ellen Degeneres and Barry Humphries has already got a head-start for me but it seems that Pixar can do no wrong. I think they'll have to do a bad film on purpose just so we've got something to compare the others to.

The most recent DVD I've purchased is 'Spirited Away'. What an amazing film. I didn't see it in cinemas and had been holding off on buying the DVD until the 2 disc collectors edition was available at a reasonable price. And it was. Unfortunately I'm now going to be hunting the Asian DVD stores trying to get hold of copies of Hayao Miyazaki's other films. Ah, the curse of the collector gene.

I'm currently reading Larry Niven's 'Ringworld Throne' and realising that I have almost no memory of the previous two Ringworld books. Maybe I had better adopt my friend Graham's habit or re-reading books in a series before reading the latest. I don't remember vampires in the Ringworld books but my sister, who has read them recently, says this is the case and they're in the third book so, it must be so.

Well, that's everything. More news in another couple of weeks. Don't forget to start working out a booking for the play though.

7 September
Father's Day. Not having any children I had to do everything myself. So, I slept in until 6am then made myself breakfast in bed (and nearly set the sheets on fire trying to poach an egg in bed) and took myself to a movie ('The In-Laws' - I love Albert Brooks and I love the original version of the film. The film is pretty good. The big difference between the remake and the original is the original was about an ordinary guy who gets involved with a CIA agent whereas the remake is about a CIA agent who involves himself with an ordinary guy.). I've also been busy doing rewrites on a couple of plays in preparation for the first new Ferknerkle Production in over a year. We're still finalising the dates but it looks like the end of November for two weeks. Times and location to come as they are finalised but Balmain may mean something.

Watch this space. Well, actually, watching this space may be a little pointless because the notification of the new play will probably by above this when it happens.

24 August
So, I'm busy working and the woman in my office is listening to Alan Jones and he's discussing Pauline Hanson's prison sentence. Some woman rings in and says to Jones "I think it's shocking. They way they treated her. She was handcuffed and strip-searched like a common axe murderer". COMMON AXE MURDERER????? Oh yeah. They're real common those axe murderers. Clogging up our prisons being handcuffed and strip-searched. No more axe murderers, I say. No more.

Anyway, it seems the possibility of a future production is looking more likely. I don't want to give anything away yet but keep November free. I'll keep you posted as things develop. In fact, I'll call you. No. You call me. That'll be better.

And I know I said I'd update this every week or so and it's been 22 days with only one update. Well, there's a good reason for that.

2 August 2003
First up I've gotten rid of the old guestbook and set up a new one. Why? Well, somehow most of our well-wishers of late have been more interested in the size of our penis (and I say "our" because mine is fine thanks despite what you may hear to the contrary). And seeing as I've forgotten the password to be able to edit the guestbook entries (okay I never wrote it down) I thought it would be much easier to just set up a new guestbook (and this time write the password down). I've copied the most recent non-penis enlargement message across to the new page and put a message from me explaining everything. If you've been there already you're no doubt thinking "yeah, yeah, get on with it I know this" but if you're a frequent visitor or a new visitor head on over to the new guestbook and leave a new message.

What else? Well, Ferknerkle are still around. We've been back at our roots (or, at least, the ones that are still talking to us) and conducting our fortnightly improvisation workshop in an new secret location. Meanwhile we've been looking for ways to put on new productions of some sort and working on several films (details of which are still to turn up on the relevant page)

So, that's it for the initial what's new. Stay tuned for updates (about weekly or so)