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August 3rd 2011

Yes, we're back. And we haven't been idle either.

Well, maybe a little bit. But we're blowing the dust of the old website to tell you about our new show Tweatre!

We'll be demonstrating our finely honed improvisation skills in front of a live audience during the Sydney Fringe Festival. It's on for five performances - from the 20th to the 22nd and the 24th to the 25th of September.

We're combining Theatre with Twitter in a way that's never been done before. Probably for good reason. Here's that website again.

April 12th 2009

We're still here.

I know, I know. It's been very quiet on the production front but we're still going. In fact, if you care to go looking at the list of our members you'll see some new faces (or places for faces to come) who are attending our revitalised fortnightly impro workshops.

And, what else? Well our short film 'Love Your Work' (written by Mal, directed by Damien Casser and featuring just about all the 2008 Ferskters is filmed, edited and making the rounds of short film festivals as we speak (and we can still speak can't we?).

So, what are you complaining about?

Just keep watching. We're still going.

July 19th

Can you tell not much has been happening in the world of Ferknerkle this year so far? Have the lack of updates been a hint?

But, while there may not be much happening for Ferknerkle, there are still things happening for Ferksters (that's a relief).

Mal - Has been busy being the Festival Director of Short+Sweet One Act Festival at Newtown Theatre from 21 July - 16 August and he's also directing 'The Mummy Monologues' by Kate Toon in Week 3. Ongoing, Mal is the General Manager/Co-Artistic Director of Newtown Theatre. If that's not enough he's directing 'A Dream Play' for Sydney Theatre School (29 - 31 July) and about to begin rehearsal for 'Julius Caesar' also for Sydney Theatre School. And he's going to spend his first-ever term in a high school teaching drama (from July 21) when he fills in for Peter Gough, Head of Drama at St Aloysius College, as Peter enjoys a lengthy long-service leave. Finally, Mal will be seeing Devo with his son at the Hordern Pavilion on August 1st (he last saw them in about 1983!)

Brett (and Iain) - Their play, 'Relics' has received another run as part of the Shorter & Sweeter touring show. Brett was able to catch the show while it was at Frankston & Dandenong in Victoria, Iain saw it in Canberra then they both had another look when the tour came to rest at Newtown Theatre. And they've begun their assault on Victoria with their play 'The Old Crowd' winning the June Crash Test Drama and their play 'Crossed Lines' having a successful rehearsed reading as part of the MelBorn 08 Top 30 plays leading to it being part of the MelBorn 08 season at the Carlton Courthouse Theatre from 24 September to 11 October. They're still working on an effective writing arrangement with Iain in Sydney and Brett in Melbourne (but Brett's semi-frequent work trips to Sydney help)

Liv - Has been performing in the aforementioned Shorter and Sweeter tour, performing in three of the nine plays ('Moving Fast', 'Key to the Mystic Halls of Time' and 'Paradise') and travelling throughout Queensland, Northern Territory, Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT. But now she's back and looking forward to her next challenge.

Max - Is part of the Short+Sweet One Act Festival, appearing in 'Waiting for Gotterson' by Sam Atwell in Week One directed by John Derum.

Friends of Ferknerkle - Short+Sweet One Act Festival also has the involvement of Nicola Furst (acting in 'Waiting for Gotterson' in Week One), Deborah Jones (directing 'Empire of Soap' in Week One), Aaron Noakes (acting in 'Empire of Soap' in Week One), Zoe Carides (directing 'Reverse' in Week Two), Lauren Hamilton Neill (directing 'Room at the Inn' in Week Two). Nicola is also producing a double bill at Newtown Theatre Sept 16 - 27 September. She is re-staging 'Nothing Like Old Times', written and directed by Mal, with 'Dial L For Love', by Kate Toon.

And for you stalkers out there, Ferknerkle and a number of it's members and friends are showing up all over Facebook.

But the big question is probably 'when will the next Ferknerkle show be?' (and if it isn't the big question, what are you doing here?). Nothing definite yet, but there's something in the works. So, stay tuned.

March 28th

March 28th???? Really??? March??????

You mean I didn't tell you how 'Play Removed Due to Legal Advice' went in the 2008 Short & Sweet festival?

You mean I didn't show you these photos?


                                               Ashley                                                                       Fran & Luey                                                                               Iain                                                      


Nadine                                                                                 Kathy & Lauren

Everybody (including Maria And Mal)

I didn't show you those?

And I suppose I haven't told you what we've been up to since then either?

Hmm. I wonder what I've been doing instead?

January 15th 2008

And we're back.

We're almost ready with our first project for the year. It's our entry for the 2008 Short & Sweet festival. Another play by Iain & Brett, directed by Mal. This one is called 'Play Removed Due to Legal Advice'. What? Removed? Already? You'll have to come to the festival to see why. We're in week two January 23rd to 27th. We have a cast consisting of Ashley Fitzgerald, Nadine Charles, Maria Latrofa, Luey Kotevski, Fran Bickmore, Lauren Hamilton Neill, Kathy Luu and Iain Triffitt.

In the meantime, here's some photos from 'Gone Bush'.


Here's our bushman about to meet his loinmate                                                 And here are the girls getting lost.                  

Our intrepid reporter and an expert (???)

And behind the scenes, that's our Fenella - our wonderful production and lighting designer (at the top of the ladder - she lives dangerously)

More soon.

December 21st

So, 'Sniper' and 'Gone Bush' have been and gone and we had a successful run. Audiences were good for both shows (although we didn't have as many people come to both as we expected. Go figure). And here's some photos from 'Sniper'.


Here's the cast confronting their fiercest critic                                                       And here's the critic looking his fiercest.

Here's Jess looking very writerly

And here's the cast relaxing before the show.

It was a pretty ambitious undertaking to put on two full length plays over four weeks (especially Mal producing and directing both). But it seemed to all go extremely well.

And because of that, we'll never do it again (put on two shows one after the other like that). Except our next production to be one show.

Production photos from 'Gone Bush' are still underway.

Next is our well-earned holiday break and then we probably start gearing up for our 2008 Short & Sweet enty.

See you next year.

October 21st

We're nearly open. 'Gone Bush' starts in two days. The second last rehearsal is probably happening as I write this. Hope you've already booked your ticket.

Here's a few extra rehearsal pictures.

           Claire Gandy, Phillippa Iiemma & Maria Latrofa                          Gina Pollock & Nicola Furst                           

                                                   Claire & Kathy Luu                                       Maria, Matthew Charleston & Lauren Hamilton Neill                          

What's Matt doing wrapped in bras? Is that even part of the play? Only attending will tell.

Sniper is also coming along. And here's a couple of shots from the rehearsals for that.

       Helen Atkinson, Olivia Solomons, Blair Cutting, Deborah Jones,                               Deborah  & Jess                                                  

Aaron Noakes, & Jess Macauley facing David Richards                                                                                                        

David                                                               Blair & Helen

And Ferknerkle has hit Facebook. If you're already a member of this cult, you can go here and ask one of the nice Ferksters if you can join so you can see all of the pretty pictures.

So, there you go. Next update will be after 'Gone Bush' has opened.

October 6th

Well, you've seen the front page so you know the plays are coming up fast. Have you booked yet? Come on, come on. Get on with it. Do it now. I'll still be here when you get back.

So, rehearsals are coming along wonderfully. Actors are learning their lines. Look. I'll prove it.

That's Pip, Kathy, Maria and Claire trying to decipher the joke in the 'Gone Bush' script. And boy, when they do, do they realise what a great joke it is. The casts are Gone Bush:

And here's the girls helping Matt with his line readings.

Both plays have a mix of current Ferksters, people we haven't worked with for a while and people we've never worked with (but none we don't ever want to work with again).

If you need to know more, you can go here.

Now, get booking.

September 7th

So much to tell.

Mal has another play. He's doing 'Australian Faust' as part of the 'Journey into Sin' plays for Actors Anonymous. This one was mentioned last month but now it's on at the Newtown Theatre from August 21st to September 15th


September 22nd is the 2nd Ferknerkle Comedy Trivia Fundraising night. Once again it'll be held at Gladesville RSL. Those of you who attended last years fundraising event can attest to what a fantastic night it was with laughs and prizes and even some entertainment. Those of you who weren't at last year's - don't miss out this time. NUMBERS ARE LIMITED so call your favourite Ferkie (or call your next to favourite if you're holding a grudge over not being there last time).


In October, Ferknerkle returns to the stage with not one but two plays at the Newtown Theatre. First is 'Gone Bush' by Brett and Iain Triffitt. This starts October 23rd and runs till November November 3rd. Then, almost the next day 'Sniper', by Mal, begins from November 6th to 17th. Both plays are directed by Mal and feature a dazzling array of Ferkies. Stay tuned for more details.

By our next update we should have finished 'Love Your Work'. One day soon that DVD of Ferkie short films will appear.

July 14th

And we're back.

We've now commenced filming 'Love Your Work' (I bet you thought it was never going to happen). We've had a change of director (nothing show biz. We didn't have a "difference of opinion" with Chris P and sack him spiralling us all into years of litigation and acrimony. Chris P had a work opportunity in Byron Bay and we wished him well. Honest.)

Our new director is Damien Cassar who directed Mal in 'Reubens' a while back (check Mal's bio) and we're having a heck of a fun time filming this, our longest film work (usually we film on one, maybe two, days. With 'Love Your Work' it'll be 8 days filming.)

It also looks promising that Ferknerkle will return to the stage in 2007 with, not one but, two plays! So, start keeping late October, early November free and get ready for another of our stupendous fundraising comedy nights in September.

Work-wise, Mal has directed 'The Cagebirds', for Sydney Theatre School, which will be on at Figtree Theatre at UNSW Kensington August 1 to 5.

Then he's directing one of the 'Journey Into Sin' plays for Actors Anonymous at Newtown Theatre from August 21st to September 15th.

More later

May 21st

Happy anniversary. One month since the last update.

Well, Gina's performance in 'Away' at the Newtown Theatre is almost over and has been a raging success.

Paige had her baby. Stevie. Another girl. Congrats Paige and Scott.

We've had a few hiccups but we're still hopeful of starting filming of 'Love Your Work' soon (I mean, how can anyone be expected to hold a camera steady with hiccups?)

Mal had a special two-off production of a new play 'Are We There Yet?' by St Aloysious College Senior Drama.

Mal also has two more directing jobs coming up in August (which might be the next update for all we know)

So, as usual, more later.

April 21st

Nearly two months since an update of news? How lazy is that? But, in my defence, nothing much has been happening.

Nothing except Ferknerkle being voted BEST INDEPENDENT THEATRE COMPANY for the 2007 Sydney Short and Sweet Festival.

Also Paige is about to have her third child (in fact, by the the time you read this, she might already have had it). Yes Pregnant Paige in 'The Entree Was Death' was really pregnant.

Gina is about to appear in 'Away' at the Newtown Theatre during May. It's a production for schools by Impulse Theatre Company, so the performances are mainly matinees but I'm sure that won't stop you getting out your old school uniform (you know you've kept it. Admit it) and going to see it.

And we're about to start work on the much delayed and much talked about (here) long short film 'Love Your Work'. It's written by Mal and features a grab-bag of Ferksters. Look at this line up - Mal, Chris G, Gina, Olivia, Max, Pip, Maria, Brett. And it's directed by our long-time associate, friend and Director of Photography, Chris P. Can't wait, can you. Well, you'll have to.

More soon (promise)

February 25th

So, short and Sweet is over. Our play, 'The Entree Was Death' ended getting voted third for that week by the audience. And here's some character photos to give you no idea what it was like

Accusing Max                                             Pregnant Paige                                                     Stunned Aaron

               Crying Liv                                                      Rusking Mal                                                                   Posing Cast

February 3rd 2007

Yes. 2007. And I didn't tell you anything about 'A Delicate Egg'. Well, all you really need to know is, it was fabulous. And successful. And Zoe and Stephanie were marvelous (and Mal too).

Don't worry. It wasn't as depressing as they make it look.

If you were there you'd know that all I've said is true, if you weren't there - aren't you embarrassed?

What else? After having a succesful produciton of 'Relics' in Melbourne's Short and Sweet festival in December, Brett (and co-writer Iain Triffitt) are back for Sydney 2007 with a Wildcard entry 'The Old Crowd' directed by Henry Jennings which came equal second (yes, you've missed it).

Mal's Short and Sweet 2007 entry 'Together' got great reactions and was voted 4th by the judges (yes, you missed that too. Where have you been).

Still to come is the official Ferknerkle entry 'The Entree Was Death' but you'd know all about that because its plastered all over the main page. You've got days (maybe hours) left to see that because it opens on Tuesday February 6th and closes Sunday February 11th. (We so love short runs).

So stop wasting time and get going.