The Cast and Crew of Play Removed Due to Legal Advice

Back: Iain Triffitt, Luey Kotevski, Fran Bickmore, Malcolm Frawley, Ashley Fitzgerald

Middle: Nadine Charles, Kathy Luu, Lauren Hamilton Neill

Front: Maria Latrofa


 People ferking with us -


MALCOLM FRAWLEY is Ferknerkle's “autistic dictator”.

Originally training as an actor at the Independent Theatre School Malcolm has mainly worked as a writer, director and teacher in theatre, television and film. His plays have been staged all around the country and his AWGIE-nominated theatre-in-education play One Of The Girls was published in 1995.

Malcolm worked in serial television for several years writing (and script editing) Neighbours and E Street. He later moved into screen writing and has enjoyed several options on his screenplay as well as commissions to write other projects. Unfortunately, none of these works has so far hit the big screen.

In 2007 Malcolm was commissioned to write the feature film screenplay First Lady with acclaimed novelist Alan Gold whose latest book has just been published in the USA. He also script-edited the feature film Bitter And Twisted for young film maker (and Ferkster) Christopher Weekes. This film deservedly earned Noni Hazlehurst a 2009 AFI Nomination for Best Actress.

Returning to acting in the late 20th century he appeared as Bluey In Out There for ABC TV; Mack in the feature film Sum Of Existence; Dr Young in Bitter And Twisted; Sanders in the feature film Rollover; Reubens in the short film Reubens; Man In Charge in the short film Product and Father Jenkins in the short film Rose. He also played Knife, the serial killer, in the low budget feature The 7th Hunt.

Malcolm has taught screen acting, impro, scriptwork, characterization and the audition process at N.I.D.A., University Of Western Sydney (Theatre Nepean), The Actors College of Theatre and Television, The Actors Lounge, The Screen Actors Workshop, ADASA, Gala Studios and Keane Kids Studios (where he has a long association teaching teens). He is a resident director at Sydney Theatre School (where he directed The Caged Birds, A Dream Play, Julius Caesar and is currently directing Home) and regularly takes classes at Screenwise, He also directed six productions for Darlo Drama.

For Ferknerkle Malcolm has written and directed Simon Says, It's My Party, Only Forever, Tumbling Dice, Father’s Day, Nothing Like Old Times, Famous Last Words, Falling Pianos, Allergies, No Secrets, Visiting, Sniper, Meant To Be, Hot For Frida, Previously On, A Single Selfish Act and the short films Loser Takes All, Perfect Match, Breakfast in Bed and See of Love. He wrote and acted in Benchmark, Right Place - Wrong Time, Feathers, A Delicate Egg and the short film Love your Work; acted in Before The Show, King Of The Castle, A Change In The Wind, Crossed Lines, The Entree Was Death and the short films Head Of The Class and Poppy; and directed Do No Harm, Caught In The Web.Com, Coffee With Marilyn, The Wolf In The Sunlight, You Are Here, The Siege of Cafe Glebe, Bad Blood, Remember This, Gone Bush and Play Removed Due to Legal Advice.

BRENTON AMIES studied acting at The McDonald College of the Performing Arts where he performed in numerous productions between 1996 and 2003, ranging in style from Restoration Comedies such as “The Country Wife” by William Wycherley and more contemporary works.  Brenton has travelled extensively, being chosen to perform in China at the 2001 Tianjin Youth Arts festival in a mime piece.  He also travelled to the UK where he took part in a Shakespeare workshop at Shakespeare’s Globe, London.   In 2007, he wrote and performed in a one act play “Who the Hell is Martin Copper?” at the Canberra One Act Play Festival, which one four awards including Best Production and Best Original Script.  He also performed in “Australian Faust” as part of “The Journey into Sin”, a collection of new one act plays in Newtown, Sydney.  In October 2007 Brenton produced, under his own independent production company “Business Of Ferrets”, and appeared in 52 Pick Up for the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

DEBORAH BRADSHAW is a new member to Ferknerkle this year. Her bio is coming.

MAX BROWN attended the Darlo Drama Fundamentals Of Acting course from 2004 to 2005 working with tutors who included Maurie Barlin, Craig Illott and Melanie de Ferranti. In 2005 he studied at both NIDA’s open programme (tutor : Sam Worthington) and the Actor’s Centre Power Of Acting course (with Brett Booth). In 2005 he was short-listed for admission into NIDA’s full-time programme. In 2006 he continued at the Actor’s Centre with “The Journey’. From 2001 to 2003 Max was a presenter for ABC TV’s Youth Program FLY TV on both Digital (2001 onwards) and free to air (2002-03). (Series Producer : Bruce Kane.) His Darlo Drama stage roles include Cheshire Cat, Seven of Spades and Knave of Hearts in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (Director : Melanie de Ferranti) and Roger Chan in ‘A Man With Five Children’ (Director : Malcom Frawley). Max will make his FERKING debut in our 2007 Short & Sweet entry The Entrée Was death (Director : Brett Danalake) and will follow this up later in the year with the play Sniper (Director : Malcolm Frawley) and short film Love Your Work (Director : Damien Casser).

NADINE CHARLES appeared in Ferknerkle's Play Removed on Legal Advice. Her full bio is coming soon..

BRETT DANALAKE has co-written 'Jack Hammers: Private Detective', 'Cinderella: A Faerie Tale For Grown-ups', 'The Vampire Strikes Back', 'Battle Beyond Uranus', 'Dances With Wombats', 'Santa's Nightmare', 'The Rooty Hillbillies', 'Monster Mash' and 'Laugh It Up' with Malcolm Frawley, which were performed in Bundanoon, Katoomba, Parramatta, Wollongong, Dubbo, Gladstone Queensland and the Tilbury Hotel Sydney.

Brett has also acted in the short films 'Buggered', 'God-mode', played the Panti-hose Client' in 'Upskirt' and Dino the Florist in 'Not for the Money'. He also wrote, co-directed and acted in the short film 'Room-mates' and directed episode one of the 2006 FBi Live Radio Plays 'Sydney Plantagenet's Physedelic Quest' at the Opera House.

With Iain Triffitt, Brett has co-written the Ferknerkle plays 'Crossed Lines', 'It's Not You', 'Remember This', 'The Entree Was Death' and 'Gone Bush', the radio plays 'With This Ring I Thee Dead' and 'Sit On My Facets' which were broadcast live from the Sydney Opera House on FBi Radio in 2004 & 2005, the non-Ferknerkle Short & Sweet plays 'Relics', 'Faithless', 'The Old Crowd' (which he also directed as part of the Spring Carnivale production in 2008) and 'Multiple Choice'. They also wrote, and Brett directed, the Clover Moore monologue featuring Sheree da Costa for the Cracker Comedy Festival show 'Party Political'. 'Relics', their 2005 Short and Sweet play directed by Alex Galleazzi, has been performed at the Sydney Opera House, toured to Singapore and then regional Australian locations as part of 'Shorter and Sweeter' and was directed by Jasper Baggs for the 2006 Melbourne season of Short & Sweet. 'With This Ring I Thee Dead' was restaged in February 2009 by the Blue Mountains Performing Arts Association with a cast including Jack Thompson, Tiriel Mora and Joanne Samuels. Their one act drama 'Housebound' is due to be performed in May/June 2009 as part of the 'Crime Scenes' production directed by John Derum.

For Ferknerkle, Brett has been an actor (Right Place, Wrong Time, Benchmark, Famous Last Words, Siege of Cafe Glebe, Previously On and the short film Love Your Work), writer (A Change In The Wind, Remember This, Gone Bush and Play Removed Due to Legal Advice), director (Feathers) writer/actor (Caught In The Web.Com, You Are Here, Hot For Frida and the short film No Accounting), writer/director (Because She Can, Before The Show, Sci Fi Fo Fum, Invasion From A Planet With No Special Effects, King Of The Castle, Speaking of Nothing, Crossed Lines, It's Not You and The Entree Was Death) and writer/actor/director (All The Wrong Places). He is currently working on more radio projects, short films, plays and this website.

Is there no end to this man's talents? Yes. And if you don't believe me, check out the online journal.


JACQUELINE DELMEGE has appeared for us in Because She Can’, 'Visiting', 'Sniper', 'Hot For Frida', 'Ferking About', Speaking of Nothing',  'Previously On' and was co-lead in the short film 'Breakfast in Bed'. She studied drama/acting at various and assorted establishments finding herself at N.I.D.A. Upon graduating in 1999 she has continued to study and refine her craft and hopes to, one day, get it right. She has worked on the mini-series ‘Horace And Tina’, the ABC comedy 'Corridors of Power' and, for the Ensemble, 'Lovers At Versailles' at the Sydney Opera House.

SHAUN FREEMAN is a new member to Ferknerkle this year. After graduating From Sydney Theatre School at the end of 2008 and completing a NIDA screen acting course on top of some workshops. He has appeared in a few short films this year, a TV commercial for Kelloggs, a little guesty on Home and Away and has a lead role in an independent Feature called The Birth of Anna Armstrong.


CHRIS GALLETTI has enjoyed roles in many film and television productions (e.g. 'Water Rats', 'All Saints','Home and Away'). He is a regular with Shakespeare By The Sea appearing in 'The Merchant of Venice', 'Merry Wives Of Windsor', 'As You Like It', 'A Winter's Tale', Julius Caesar' and 'Much Ado About Nothing'. In 2006 he also appeared in the ABC Four Corners AWB reconstruction and a Railcorp training video. In 2--8 he appeared in the TV pilot 'Revolution' directed by RD Price and in 2009 has appeared in the film 'Next Door to the Velinskys' directed by Darren Beadman.

He has appeared for us in Right Place, Wrong Time (1998 production), Benchmark, Only Forever, Caught In The Web.Com, The Wolf In The Sunlight, Falling Pianos, Allergies, Visiting and the short films Poppy, Therapy and short film Love Your Work.

CLAIRE GANDY has appeared in the Ferknerkle productions Simon Says, Right Place Wrong Time (both 1998 and 2000), It's My Party, All the Wrong Places (which she also co-wrote), Tumbling Dice, Nothing Like Old Times, Falling Pianos, Allergies, Bad Blood, Benchmark (2001), Meant to Be, Hot For Frida and Gone Bush. She also directed the 1999 production of Benchmark and the 2000 production of A Delicate Egg. Her full bio is coming soon.

LAUREN HAMILTON NEILL was enrolled in drama class at the tender age of four because her parents were concerned at how shy she was. It soon emerged that she wasn’t shy at all; she just didn’t like members of the human race all that much. At the age of sixteen, she won a scholarship to the Conservatorium of Music to study singing and music theatre with some of Australia’s best. Since moving to Sydney Lauren has continued her training, and has also branched out into directing and writing. She has appeared in two shows for Ferknerkle; Gone Bush as the lovable tv-obsessed IT consultant and Play Removed Due to Legal Advice as Shock Jock and Writer. She looks forward to many more. Oh, and have you seen Peter and Jane: Return to Neverland ? She’s Jane…she was the live action reference actor and got to dress up and fight pirates! How awesome is this industry!

KEN JAMES has been a Ferkster from the beginning but made his theatrical debut as the Lecturer in Invasion From A Planet With No Special Effects then played the Judge in Previously On', the electrician, Doug, in the short film No Accounting and the film-maker in the short film Love Your Work. He is a film-maker who has directed the short film ‘Beautiful’ and written and directed the short films ‘Dead Rite’ and, for Ferknerkle, Poppy. He is currently writing a feature film screenplay ‘The Angel Who Pulled The Trigger’.

KAROLINA KOSLA joined Ferknerkle’s Impro Group in early 2009. She is a recent graduate of the Sydney Theatre School one year diploma course during which she performed in several plays including A Midsummer Nights Dream (playing Helena and Snug the Joiner) directed by Michael Piggott. She has now returned to University of NSW to complete her Bachelor of Arts but intends to re-enter the acting industry once she completes her degree.

MARIA LATROFA began training as an actor in 1999 and has attended courses at The Actors Centre, the Actor’s College Of Theatre And Television and Darlo Drama where she also stage managed malcolm’s production of Nothing Like Old Times. During this period she also travelled extensively through Europe and the U.K.. She joined Ferknerkles impro group in 2005 and has appeared in our short films Therapy, Whatever It Takes and Love Your Work and the plays Gone Bush and Play Removed Due to Legal Advice. She acted as assistant director on our 2006 In The Raw production A Delicate Egg at Darlinghurst Theatre.

KATHY LUU has appeared in the Ferknerkle plays Gone Bush and Play Removed Due to Legal Advice. Her bio is coming.

AARON NOAKES has appeared in the Ferknerkle plays The Entree Was Death and Sniper. His bio is coming.

PAIGE RODGERS is a Ferking founding member, and 1994 Gala Studios graduate, who appeared in our first three plays Simon Says’, ‘Right Place, Wrong Time and It’s My Partybefore heading overseas for two years. Since returning she has been featured in 'Sniper', 'Ferking About', 'Meant To Be', 'Hot For Frida', 'Famous Last Words', 'It's Not You', 'The Entree Was Death' and the short film 'Poppy'. Paige teaches at Gala and Keane Kids Studios, Elena De5 Performing Arts Academy and Kids Casting Agency.


OLIVIA SOLOMONS grew up in Sydney in a sporty family with two sisters, two dogs (at different times) and a budgie, a house in Putney, the Putney punt (who knew!) and the local swimming pool where she ever so cleverly taught herself to dive off the first and second platform .  As a young child and teenager, she competed in swimming, tennis, water polo, gymnastics, trampolining, netball and dancing before finding her forte in acting- much to her family’s dismay. Or not. 

Girl or boy character, Olivia always took the lead in her school’s productions even if it meant putting on a beard or magic possum suit. Soon, this was not enough and Olivia sought further practice during her after school hours and trained first at ATYP for 2 years and then at Keane Kids Studios for 2 years, who were also her first professional management. Being a ‘Home and Away’ extra was super cool for a while, but soon she sought more than the glitz and glamour of being a background montage.

Olivia recently completed an Intensive course in The Ivana Chubbuck technique and will partake in the intermediate-advanced course in July. She was taught by Anthony Young who is a senior student at Ivana’s studio in LA where Olivia will be going early next year. In Feb she shot a short film called “Brainstorm” and in May she did a commercial corporate video. This year Liv also hopes to shoot a commercial… or ten, star in a few feature films and get a recurring role on Packed to the Rafters or Underbelly.

In 2008 she did 3 theatre productions, the best being the “Shorter and Sweeter” tour which took her clockwise around Australia to wonderful theatres.  It was funded by Arts on Tour Australia and she twice shared the lead with Alan Flower in two of the four short plays she performed in. Naked with Al! Kidding- that was only in one! She had a great time playing Sarah in the Australian horror feature ‘The 7th Hunt’ and finished up her ADR with another Australian feature “I Wish I were Stephanie V” this year.

Liv has performed in several ferky films and plays (See of Love, Love Your Work, King of the Castle to name a few). She started as sound/lighting operator, has produced short films with the company and has been a core member of the fortnightly improv workshops in the past. Plus- she never misses the annual Ferky Christmas do – Party On team!

IAIN TRIFFITT Iain has co-written, with Brett Danalake, the Ferknerkle plays Crossed Lines (which was also performed in the Melbourne Writers Theatre 2008 Melborn season - 'Playspotting'), It's Not You, Remember This, The Entree Was Death, Gone Bush and Play Removed Due to Legal Advice in which he also acted. The have also co-written the the FBi radio plays 'With This Ring I Thee Dead' (2004) and 'Sit On My Facets' (2005) which were broadcast live from the Sydney Opera House; the Short and Sweet Festival plays 'Relics' (2005), 'Faithless' (2006), 'The Old Crowd' (2007) and 'Multiple Choice' (2009); and the Clover Moore monologue for the Cracker Comedy Festival show 'Party Political'. 'Relics', originally directed by Alex Galleazzi, was restaged by him at the Sydney Opera House in 2006 as part of the best of Short and Sweet season, which toured to Singapore and then regional Australian locations in 2008 and was also directed by Jasper Baggs for the 2006 Melbourne season of Short & Sweet. 'With This Ring I Thee Dead' has been restaged in February 2009 by the Blue Mountains Performing Arts Association with a cast including Jack Thompson, Tiriel Mora and Joanne Samuels and their one act drama about David & Catherine Birnie, 'Housebound', is due to be performed in May/June 2009 as part of the 'Crime Scenes' production directed by John Derum.

Iain has also had short fiction published in the collections Daikaiju! Giant Monster Tales and Agog! Smashing Stories.

CHRISTOPHER WEEKES is an actor, writer and film maker who trained at ATYP, NIDA and Gala Studios. He joined the Ferkies in 2000. His short film, 'George Lucas and I' won several awards and was picked up for international distribution. Chris has also performed in Brett and Iain's radio plays 'With This Ring I Thee Dead' and 'Sit on My Facets'. For Ferknerkle he has appeared in 'The Wolf In Sunlight', 'Allergies', 'A Change In The Wind', 'Hot For Frida', 'Ferking About', 'Speaking of Nothing', 'Previously On' and the short films 'See of Love' and 'Therapy'. Chris wrote, directed and starred in the feature film, 'Bitter and Twisted' which co-starred Noni Hazlehurst, Gary Sweet, Leanna Walsmann, Matthew Newton, Rhys Muldoon and Steve Rodgers.

LAMONT DuMERDE has an amazingly long string of plays to his credit. Beginning with the comedy 'Whoops! That's My G-String' he found his style quickly and followed with the musical 'Pokers and Upskirts and Flashers and Minge', the kitchen sink drama 'Bend Over the Table' and, specially written for Ferknerkle, the audience participation women's prison drama 'Wash Day in Cell Block D'





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