Ferknerkle Productions announces its 2007 season!


*World Premiere*




Written by Brett Danalake & Iain Triffitt

Directed by Malcolm Frawley


With Matthew Charleston, Nicola Furst, Claire Gandy, Phillippa Iemma,

Maria Latrofa, Kathy Luu, Lauren Hamilton Neill & Gina Pollock


Six women head into the wilds of Katoomba for a corporate retreat.

From the moment they leave the bus they must face the challenges of

a wild and untamed country; not to mention a himbo tour guide,

the Blue Mountains panther and a media hot for tragedy.


October 22nd to November 3rd


followed by




Written & Directed by Malcolm Frawley


With Helen Atkinson, Blair Cutting, Deborah Jones, Jess Macaulay,

Aaron Noakes, David Richards & Olivia Solomons


A small theatre company kidnaps a critic in revenge for his savage review.

What would they get for such a crime from a jury of their peers?

A standing ovation.


November 6th to November 17th

Newtown Theatre

Cnr Bray & King Sts, Newtown

Bookings : http://www.mca.tx.com